Thursday, July 14, 2016

GIve 52 Week 49 - Brave Hearts

Give 52 Week 49
Cheryl Houston 2016
If you are not reading Emily and Tim Loerke's website, stop what you are doing and go take a look-see.

I started following them when a friend sent me a link to their site in 2011 - the Year of Love - and I fell in love with the pictures and the stories of their lives.

What I love most about following along with their story is they are living such a genuine life. Truly authentic and true to them. That's what is most encouraging to me and I'm so grateful they share it online.

I love to see them fishing (momma's backpacking with their babes! So brave!) and gardening and they have chickens and bees and this beautiful home that they repair themselves and it's not that I want any of those things but I love how they live to the beat of their own beautiful drum and I hope that I can be brave enough to live to the beat of my own beautiful drum. That my children will do that too.

Emily introduces me to new music too and I'm in completely enamored with John Lucas' song Love is Kind. Whenever I feel troubled I listen to it, my heart fills with peace and it makes me feel loved. I also think of Emily. I can picture her and Tim hanging out in their gorgeous backyard with their daughter, Brave, and the beautiful tribe of family and friends that they surround themselves with and it makes me smile.

Sharing our lives - in person or online - is a beautiful gift.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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