Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Give 52 Week 21 - Laugh until you cry

Give 52 Week 21
Cheryl Houston 2015
A couple of weeks ago, I told you about my friend, Kristi. Her home was my second home growing up. Well, I spent so much time at her house that her younger sister, Johnanna (also known as Pearl), became one of my best friends.

Let me tell you about Pearl. She has never met a stranger. People are drawn to her like a magnet. Like bees to honey. She will make you laugh until you cry.

The stories I could tell you! There's a book there somewhere. I mean, when you're shoving your friend in a window in the middle of the night because she's been locked out- you know that's just the tip of the iceberg.

She's living far away in Colorado in the snow and I love seeing her two kids on social media. It just always looks like so much fun.

Her birthday was yesterday. I think. I always get confused on which day it actually is because we celebrated it for about two weeks each year!

Happy birthday my friend! Keep living your beautiful life! It makes me so happy to see.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Give 52 Week 20 - You're Longest Relationship

Give 52 Week 20
Cheryl Houston 2015
Your longest relationship in life is your relationship with your siblings. I am the youngest of three and my sister, Leigh Ann, is six years older than me though everyone thinks I'm the older one. I blame it on my height and try not to get too upset about it. Hey, I'm the worse about gauging peoples age. In fact, I just assume that everyone is around my own age which is great if you're older than me but not so great if you're younger than me.

So, for my whole life, I've known this lady. My sister. My friend.

It's around my sister and my brother that I feel the most carefree to crack jokes and be stupid and opinionated because hey, I'm the little sister and they accept me as I am.

We haven't always got along but I think that's the natural way of siblings. I appreciate what she's done for me through the years and I just wanted to tell her that I'm thankful for her presence in my life and her presence in our parent's life.

I moved away but both my brother and sister have chosen to stay nearby my parents and there is comfort in that for me.

Her birthday is on December 27th and I always felt like it was not as noticed as it should be because of Christmas. So happy birthday, seester! I sincerely hope it is as wonderful as you are.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Give 52 Week 19 - Siempre

Give 52 Week 19
Cheryl Houston 2015
Week 19 goes to another long time friend of mine, Kristi.

Her childhood home holds so many of my best childhood memories. Her family feels like my family and it all started in Mrs. Strauch's 3rd grade class.

There are so many memories I don't even know which one to tell you about. We invited each other to our family beach vacations, we stayed up late watching scary movies, we regrettably seemed to like the same boy too many times, we played the french horn together, and I could go on and on and on.

Siempre is the Spanish word meaning always. And as I've said before - once you're my friend, you're always my friend.

Kristi has become an avid runner and I love seeing pictures of her with her running buddies and knowing she's finding great success in her passion.

Kristi's birthday is on the 17th and I hope this piece of artwork will let her know she will always be my always friend.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Give 52 Week 18 - Beautiful Friends

Give 52 - Week 18
Cheryl Houston 2015
Time is so sneaky sometimes. As I was getting ready this morning, I was thinking about how it was Thursday and I couldn't remember if I had posted week 18 of Give 52 or not. Is it week 18? Yes, it is week 18. And, while I did get the artwork in the mail on Sunday, I did not get the blog post up here.

Excuse me while I give myself some grace.

I don't have a good excuse either other than I just didn't do it. I had the time but I chose to focus that time on helping with homework, preparing dinners, journaling in the mornings, and watching television at night.

But, with all of that said, week 18 is no less important to me than any other week. Week 18 was sent to my beautiful friend, Cassie.

Cassie has been my friend since the age of 2? 3? I don't know, forever! We lived across the street from each other. We wanted to be twins. Cassie and Cherylz (that's what her dad called me). When one of us cut our hair, the other one cut their hair. We dressed alike any chance we got. When she moved away to Conroe and I went to visit her we fussed at her sweet mom for not lying and telling the store clerk we were twins when asked.

Cassie is Luci Lemon and I am Tina Tomato. Characters from shirts we wore when were about 5.

She is a beautiful momma of four of the most handsome boys I have ever seen. You should see the mane's of hair these boys have.

And sadly, the theme I am noticing in participating in this quest is that I don't see my friends and family near enough. Or at all! But, friends, that does not stop my heart and soul from loving them. They have touched my life in their own special ways and I hold them with me always. I hope this piece of artwork reminds her of how beautiful she is and how much she is loved.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Give 52 Week 17 - Birthday Flowers for My Aunt Sue Beth

Give 52 Week 17
Cheryl Houston 2015
Do you know how you just know someone loves you? You just always feel their love?

That's how I feel about my aunt Sue Beth.

Growing up, I got to spend my holidays with her and summer trips to see her and so on.

One of my favorite childhood memories is of a time when my mom and I went over to visit my aunt, uncle, family and friends at a house they were renting in Rockport, TX. I wasn't ready to go when my mom had to leave so my aunt said I could say. All I had with me was my bathing suit, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops but I had all I needed.

I don't remember  how many nights I stayed with them but I do remember we got up early one morning, I wore someone else's shoes and we went crabbing. We were able to just scoop up crabs in hand held nets and scooped them into the ice chests. It was amazing.

Afterwards, one of the teenage girls staying with them and I cleaned the crabs and got them ready for dinner. Too bad I was such a picky eater back them and I didn't eat any of it.

That's just one of many memories of times with my aunt Sue Beth and her family. I loved when I got older she would say, "Okay, Cheryl, I've had my two drinks now I can ask you about your love life." She doesn't have any daughters of her own but I have always been her girl.

I always look forward to seeing her though those times are few and far between.

Chris and I got married on her birthday 3 years ago this December 8th. I didn't plan to get married on her birthday it just happened it that way but I love something special on the same day.

Happy Birthday early, Aunt Sue Beth!

This is my gift. I give it to you.