Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Give 52 - Week 1: Claudia Shines

The Alchemist Quote for Claudia Beeny
Give 52 - Week 1
Drawing by Cheryl Houston 2015
Way back in 2007 I met my friend, Claudia, at a neighborhood bunco party.

When I asked her what she did, she told me she was writing a blog.

"Funny," I said, "I read blogs!"

I had a lot of time on my hands at my job at that time and I would fill it by reading blogs.

I began participating in the fun that she created on her blog and a friendship was born. At that time, her blog was called Highlowaha and we did a ton of fun stuff! Claudia has an idea producing brain and she was always coming up with something fun and it was an honor to be able to participate in so many good projects.

Some of her projects included: Cookie Cutter Challenge, Creative Olympic Decathlon, Super Bowl Challenges, Serentripity, drawing Ray Wattson, Taste of USA, fun Holiday crafts and celebrations and a whole slew of fun stuff I'm leaving out. Seriously. There was so much more.

Through this friendship, I was able to redefine and rewrite some of the dreams I had for my own life. How could I not when I had found such an encouraging friend who sees the good in everyone she meets? And boldly encourages the good out of them!

The blog was renamed House of Shine and she really started putting a focus more on personal development. There is the The Yellow Envelope Project, The Year of Project, DO52, Box of Shine Party and Shineworks just to mention a few.

There are so many areas of my outlook on life that have been changed for the better by directly being a part of House of Shine and I will always appreciate these days and the growth that I have experienced by being a part of it.

Being a part of Claudia's world has truly reshaped my attitude about abundance and gratitude. I will always be grateful for the experiences and outlook that she shares with me and for what I have learned by taking part in the House of Shine and simply by being her friend. It only makes sense for me to give my first piece of Give 52 artwork to my friend, Claudia.

So, thank you, Claudia. For sharing your Shine with me and for encouraging me to share my Shine with the world. Give 52 can be linked directly back to your influence on my life. I look forward to so many more adventures with you.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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