Saturday, August 1, 2015

Give 52 - What, Who, Why, When

What is Give 52?
Give 52 is a gratitude challenge that I've created for myself. Once a week for 52 weeks I will give away one piece of my artwork and blog about it here.

Who will I choose?
I have some personal heroes that have inspired me through their work. I have some friends and family members that I want to be sure to spread some love and encouragement just because I love them. To those people that I have witnessed helped my friends and loved ones to whom I want to express gratitude on behalf of my loved ones. I will know some of these people personally and some of them I've never met.

Why am I doing this quest?
In February, I told myself I was going to take the 29 Gifts challenge again where you give one gift everyday for 29 days but I was being all rigid on the start date. I wanted to start at the beginning of the month on day 1 so it was easy to track. March 1 came and went and I didn't give a gift to anyone. I told myself that I would start in April. April 1 came and went. No gift to anyone. I noticed the pattern.

2014 was my Year of Purpose and 2015 is my
Year of Curiosity. While searching for purpose and following curiosity, I have read a lot of different books, taken online classes, began journaling on a regular basis and creating a lot of art. On April 2, 2015, while driving on Oak Lawn Avenue on the way to work I had this idea to give away 52 pieces of artwork in 52 weeks. It gave me breathing room with a longer commitment.

The persnickety side of me said, "Well, you'll have to wait to the beginning of 2016!" But the logical side of me, "Whoa, friend. How about we start on your birthday? That's coming up soon."

So, I started planing. I have been thinking about the people that I want to give a piece of artwork so I can show my appreciation and share my gift. Give 52 is my small way of making a difference and sharing my gift of creativity otherwise, why do I make all this art?

Why do I make it? I know many people view this as "just a hobby" but I wish I could explain to you that it is so much more than just a hobby. I feel as if I have to create. I have to. Drawing, painting, whatever it is and if I'm not creating something, I feel the loss of it. More than any other label that I attach to myself, Artist, is what defines me most. I'm called to make art, good or bad, and then I put it neatly away in my drawers at home and there it sits.

That ends with this project. Now, I'm called to make it and I'm called to share it.

When will Give 52 it begin?
 My first Give 52 recipient is scheduled to be announced on August 12. I hope you will come back on the 12th to see the first piece and to read about why that person moved me to gratitude.

This is my gift. I give it to you.


  1. Awesome sauce!! Is there some way I can help you and give you 52 creative greetings?

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing "you"!