Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Give 52 - Week 6: Funny Friends

Zentangle Flower
Give 52 - Week 6
Cheryl Houston 2015
Confession: I am not a good friend.

What do I mean by that? 

I'm not good at planning events, or gathering people, or even just calling the women I consider to be my friends. In fact, other than the friends I work with, I probably haven't spoken to, texted or emailed many of my friends in a good long while but once I consider you my friend, I pretty much always consider you my friend. No matter how much time has passed.

I met Leah at work. We share a lot of the same 12 year old boy humor. 

One of my favorite stories of Leah is of a time when we working out in the office gym. She was doing side shuffles and she was supposed to put down and pick up a medicine ball at the end of each pass. Our trainer was trying to explain to Leah that she was supposed to pick up a ball every time not just put it down.

As she was shuffling by me she said, "I am picking up a BALL every time!"

I said, "You're not holding a BALL right now."

She looked down and to her surprise- there was no ball in her hands and the three of us busted out in laughter.

"Leah said, 'Balls!'" 

You see? 12 year old boy humor.

Another tidbit about Leah is Leah loves Jesus. And she has a talent for sharing her love for Jesus in way that is respectful and welcoming . I know she did a lot of praying for me when I was busy pushing all-things-God out of my life. She never once preached at me or made me feel offended or put off. She just lovingly talked about how much she loved Jesus.

I hope I can model that attitude and message in my life for others to see. I'm so grateful for the abundant life God has graced me with and people like Leah that He throws in my path. I guess he knows I need them.

I'm so grateful for Leah's love and laughter in my life no matter how many days there are between today and the last day we talked. Here's to good friends and laughter!

This is my gift. I give it to you.


  1. Unbelievably grateful for you. My heart is full of love.

  2. :) Then let me say: Mission Accomplished.

  3. Love it! The gift you give to 52 people this year is multiplied by ever person who sees your art in their office, home, school, etc...