Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Give 52 - Week 10: All Smiles

Give 52 - Week 10
Cheryl Houston 2015
Smiles are universal. No matter what language you speak, a smile conveys friendliness and happiness.

I am so entirely grateful for modern dentistry and the people that work in this field.

26 years ago I was involved in an automobile accident that damaged my two front teeth.

I had one dental implant done all those years ago but in 2006, after I moved back to Texas, my new dentist gave me the news that I was going to lose a tooth. "It's mobile," he said. Delayed trauma.

My dentist gave me the name of a periodontist, Dr. William Grover in Grapevine and we proceeded to perform a second implant. All went well.

And, then last year, as I have become a periodontist veteran, I noticed another mobile front tooth so, back to Dr. Grover's office I went.

I told Lisa that I was probably going to cry because as nice as they are, you don't really want to hear that you need a third dental implant. It means months of wearing a flipper and no tooth while your jawbone heals to be able to accept the implant. If you have any amount of vanity- and I do- you don't really want to turn to your new husband at night with the Grand Canyon of gaps in the front of your smile, lisping to him "good night".

And, I did cry. More than once. I cried a lot.

But, I was so well taken care of by Dr. Grover and his staff. They are such wonderful people that even when you're in their office getting extra gum tissue lasered off they're making you laugh and you actually do want to be there in their presence. And, having extra tissue lasered off ain't no bit of fun.

After every procedure I had, Dr. Grover was calling me that evening checking on me, making sure I was okay and giving me his cell number in case of any problems.

They gave to me their gift of caring for my smile and there aren't enough words in any language to express the amount of gratitude I have for them.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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