Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Give 52 Week 11 - An Interesting Justice

Give 52 Week 11
Cheryl Houston 2015
Can I be completely honest with you?

Well, you can't stop me so I will proceed with my truth. The last couple of weeks have been emotionally challenging.  I let circumstances and others hurt my feelings and make me angry. These are small things. But, a lot of small things that I let add up and add up and then become very heavy.

In the grand scheme of my life- life is good. All is well and I have all I need but it doesn't make these small things any less hurtful and heartbreaking and very heavy to carry around. Is a little bit of decency and consideration too much to ask? Is a little bit of fairness and justice too much to ask? Cheryl, put them down! "Just tell yourself, Duckie, you're really quite lucky!" - Dr. Seuss.

These challenges are showing up in my creativity as well. The saying, "Many are called, but few are chosen" rang through my head as I finished yet another less than encouraging piece of artwork. I have people picked out that I know I want to include in this project but I don't have a piece of artwork that I want to send them or I have a future date set for them. So here sits week eleven- distressed.

On Saturday evening, Chris and watched a Football Life: Alan Page.

He was a great football player- I'm told one of the greatest defensive linemen to play the game - but what I got from the show is that he is a great man. One that other men should aspire to be. While he played in the NFL, he attended The University of Minnesota Law School. He was elected to the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1992- the first African-American to serve on that court and served on it until his 70th birthday when the law states he must retire.

"What an interesting, intelligent and caring man this is," I thought. How encouraging his life is.

He likes Dr. Seuss and has been known to quote him. He and his daughter co-wrote a children's book, Alan and his Perfectly Pointy Impossibly Perpendicular Pinky. And he does have a perpendicular pinky!

He played the tuba in school and he goes out and plays it at the corner of Knox and Douglas during the Twin Cities Marathon route to encourage runners on their race. I'm not sure he's bursting out any tunes but enthusiastically belting out notes.

He feeds the park dogs treats and he knows all their names. And they know him.

He and his wife Diane founded the Page Education Foundation in 1988 where they provide financial and mentoring assistance to students of color to pursue post-secondary education.

Justice Page and his wife don't need a piece of artwork from me but honestly watching his story on Saturday was one of the brightest spots of my week and it just feels right. So...

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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