Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Give 52, Week 15 - Make Everyday Beautiful

Give 52 Week 15
Cheryl Houston 2015
I woke up at 2:45am on Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday and was kind of panicky feeling. I hadn't written week 15's post! Oh no! I almost got up at 3:00 to write it.

Wait a minute! I remembered it was Tuesday and I still had time. And, really, if I didn't get my weekly post up until mid morning on a Wednesday, the world would not come crumbling down. Not yours. Not mine.

I met Katie when she moved to Dallas for the summer and we both participated in House of Shine shenanigans. We walked in the Susan G Komen together many years ago along with our friend, Heather. You have a friend for life when you share a small pink tent together after walking 20 miles for 3 days. Just saying.

Katie now lives in Florida and works at Florida State University in housing. Katie is pretty young herself but she works with even younger people getting their start out at college. An important job. She trains Resident Assistants on creating community within their halls. Freshman students! Get involved with your school community!

I just love being around Katie when I get the chance because she just has a positive spirit about her and I want to steal it from her! I want it to rub off on me. The students that get to work with Katie are truly blessed people and it just goes to show you that not all your mentors have to be someone who has already done it all. It can be a much younger person living out their authenticity that inspires you to do the same.

I know from following Katie on social media she's already making everyday beautiful.

It's her gift.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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  1. You are the best. I feel so honored & can't wait to proudly display this beautiful artwork. So thankful our paths crossed all those years go. Grateful to have you as a friend in ths life! <3