Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Give 52, Week 32 - Beautiful, Crazy Kind of Good

Give 52, Week 32
Cheryl Houston 2016
Week 32 was mailed out yesterday to another one of my friends that I grew up, Angie Graves.

Who is Angie?

Angie is the beautiful, crazy kind of good presence in the room and in your life. She has this big, bold smile and laugh that is infectious and she is full of overflowing goodness.

When Angie introduced me to her boyfriend (now husband) Tony, she also introduced me to Cory Morrow's song, Brand New Me. It stuck with me. I love that song. It's catchy and upbeat talking about how a person can bring you light and happiness. One of the lines from the songs goes:

You make love feel like it should
It's a beautiful, crazy kind of good

And, that's how love should feel, right? I can't listen to that song and not think about Angie.

I was so happy for Angie when she introduced me to Tony and I love following along with their family events on Facebook. Their lives are filled with family and a bunch of grandchildren and I can see how those kiddos fill them with life. I love it.

Angie is also a darn good photographer. She's always taking pictures. She should publish a book with her photos. Funny, beautiful Angie, I love you!

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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