Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Give 52, Week 42 - You're at Home

I've already written about my dear friends, Kristi and Johnanna, in December and today I want to tell you about their parents.

When I think about my childhood memories, a good deal of them land in the Linney household or on vacation with them.

They opened their home to the friends of their children and I treated their home as my own. I always just walked on in, not bothering with a knock yelling out my hellos. They lived in a big Victorian home right next to the train tracks and when I hear the train today, it reminds me of my childhood and the gentle shake that would happen as the train passed at night.

There were endless sleepovers and holidays and sitting around the butcher block table snacking and warming our back side by the gas heater until we were scorched.

I remember making myself butter and honey on bread and drinking out of the water jug like I was one of theirs. It was around that butcher block table that this picky eater first ate guacamole!

Mrs. Linney had one of those big station wagons with the seat in the back and I remember traveling to Port Aransas to the beach with them- laughing all the way. The Linney's gave me a place in their home and I wanted to really honor how special they are to me. I was at home in their house and I always felt loved.

This is my gift. I give it to you.

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